Rise of All India backchod

Formed in 2013, with 191 Million views and more than 1.91 million followers on YouTube. Making it the one of the best Indian entertainment channel. From organising roast to going to jail. Let’s find out, how did AIB came into action of bringing in the abusive, but hilarious content defiant to hypocrite Indian society.

Gursimranjeet Khamba, student of Delhi University and member of United student was once suffered from tuberculosis . He was bed-ridden for a long time but to amuse himself he started a blog called Khamba’s blog and one of its visitor was Rajneesh Kapoor, who gave him a break and contacted him for open-mic stand-up comedy.

Tanmay, Ashish and Rohan. All made their sole debut in a couple of months of each other in early 2011. According to Tanmay, Performing at the erstwhile Comedy Club in Mumbai got them a lot of media exposure and that they had more interviews than shows at one time. Which in turn led to them getting regular gigs at corporate events. All for them worked in Vir Das’s company called Weirdass. In 2012, Khamba moved to Mumbai as comedy was much more active there. There he met Tanmay and became friends. Together they did podcasts and called it All India Bakchood. Later joined by Ashish Shakia and Rohan Joshi.

Their first major show was ”The Royal Turds”, wherein they made fun of the worst of Bollywood in 2012 from acting, direction, lyrics, etc through a mixture of stand-up, sketch, and musical comedy. This show happened on 15th February, 2013 at Liberty Cinema, Mumbai. They did this in the cities of Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Bangalore as well. They came back with a second edition of this show in spring 2014.

Khamba has been a weekly columnist for Firstpost and DNA newspaper, Mumbai and his writing has been published and featured in GQ India, Grazia, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire India, India Today, HT Brunch, NH7, Yahoo! Exclusives and more. He is also a flatmate of Abish Mathew who himself is a stand-up comedian. Tanmay was the writer of Oye! It’s Friday that was hosted by Farhan Akhtar and also wrote for Filmfare 2012 which was hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.

In 2013, they started something called as an AIB Bootcamp that was a 2-day comedy workshop at Canvas Laugh factory, Mumbai. The workshop was meant to provide skill training and platforms to budding comedians across India. In an interview to ET Now, they claimed that each video costs about 1 lakh rupee to 1.5 lakhs. Further, they don’t pay to actors and make around $3000 to $5000 from youtube. But now with the branded content they are making much more.

Rohan Joshi, he was a journalist with CNBC. He still writes a weekly column for Mid-Day. He wrote for and hosted for Top Gear.At the age of 32, he is the oldest of all and also boyfriend of Alia bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt.

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