Rise of Total Viral Fever(TVF).

Total Viral fever! Man behind this total viral fever is Arunabh Kumar. He is the founder and Chief executive officer. In his initial years he used to develop show for MTV called Genius Diary. It was aired for eight months. But as he said, “Soon I realised that things I ever wanter to do were different from what the channel has been telling me to do. I wanted to do satirical programming, for which the Indian television was not ready.”

He used to poke fun at every day happenings which surrounds everyone. After MTV rejects his another show, he was asked to create some filler shows. According to him, this rejection was a blessing in disguise and a biggest blessing. He said, ”When MTV rejected the idea, I think that was the best rejection ever in life. Youth channel told me Indian youth doesn’t want to watch this. I wanted to prove them wrong. Had they accepted, the idea would have ended up in some maximum 10 to 15 episodes.”

He along with his friends started a YouTube channel, The viral fever. Started with Inglorious Seniors(a spoof of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds) which began as a fun venture and further created Rowdies, a spoof of reality show Roadies. The former became the second most popular video in Indian Entertainment category with a total of 17K views. While the latter became the third most watched video at a million view that month. Kumar said, "After Rowdies, I knew we are on the right track. All big TV channels have been chasing the guy who plays Raghu for the last six months. I then took one year to figure out what exactly I wanted to do. I met students, prepared the ideas, production plans and everything.”

He was surprised to know that, his tickets sold faster than Vir Das’s event at BITS Pilani campus at the same venue. They have been dong live events since then and are quite popular. They will be soon the biggest media network of the country, officially.

It was his ego that made him achieve the great heights and aspire for more. He said, “Somewhere, yes, it was personal. When I began, I wanted to prove that I was not as stupid as they made me feel but now TVF is far bigger than me or any one person on the team.”

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