Michelle Obama at Jimmy Fallons

As the second and last term of first black president of U.S. ends, love for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama can be felt in the air. One of the most beloved presidential family is going to leave the White House after one eight year. So, it is obvious to be little sentimental.

FLOTUS, who was named as the #1 most stylish in Style Magazine in 2013, is one of the few First Lady’s to show love for her husband openly without scandal. She is also a role model for millions of girls not only in America but in other countries as well. For her farewell tour she went on the The tonight show, where she confessed, “I feel like crying right now.”

She also shared the words of comfort with her daughter Malia who was crying during the President Obama’s farewell address. Here’s what she shared

Her love for the people of U.S. can be seen in this video where they spoke from heart without having the knowledge of her standing backstage and what she meant for them and what a role model she is. She hugged them and comforted them. She gave them surprise, watch this video here on Jimmy Fallon’s show

We just hope all the best to the family. We will still love them the same

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