Bro code every guy must follow.

Only men can understand the importance of Bro-Code. Yes, men do check out girls or women but when it comes to friendship nobody can understand a man better than his guy-friends, which is why every guy out there needs to know the bro-code inside out. Bro-code is like a predefined guidelines or unsaid rule that every guy must follow till death. Some of the rules are:-

If your bro's girlfriend asks about his whereabouts; you know nothing, nothing at all. Even if he is with you or you do know about his whereabouts. Keep his whereabouts to yourself, hang up and warn him.

You should respect your bro's car, girlfriend and parents in all conditions.

Stay away from. Your friend's sister and mother. Treat them as they are you sister or mother.

If you bro asks about you take on his new date. You are supposed to be honest and give the true reply. if you don't like her, tell him. Just make sure you're not saying, “I want her in my bed right now!”

You must never leave you bro without a ride, no matter how much hurry you are in. Even of the destination is couple of blocks away, it is your duty to drop him.

A wingman is never supposed to put his bro down in front of the girl. If the wingman makes the man look bad in front of the target, other bros are totally entitled to bash him up later.

Anything a bro does in a drunken state is justified. Everything is forgiven for him. You shall make excuses for him whenever required, for he shall do the same when the time comes.

A bro shall never allow another bro to text a girl when drunk. In case his girlfriend calls when he is drunk, the phone shall be kept in the custody of someone sober until the bro comes back to senses.

When you bro is away, you are the protector of his girlfriend from all the evil eyes.

It is you duty to provide your bro with the best tips on how to approach a girl. You should never let your bro approach a girl unprepared.

Celebrate your bromance. If anybody, especially a girl looks down upon it, shoot her. They're just jealous because they'll never know what being a part of a bro code means

If your bro is broke it os your duty to treat hime. Or treat others on his behalf as bro code is all about watching his six.

If a bro is unable to pitch in money for beer, other bros shall cover him. He shall not be deprived of the holy potion.

A bro shall always be forgiven. Bros are for life, there is nothing a bro can do to deserve hatred. Unless he gets involved with your girlfriend. In that case, punch him in the face.

Always be ready for a fight. Even if it is your bro's mistake, he is always right no matter what. You can talk to him in alone but of he is in trouble make sure he is safe.

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