This guy savagely trolled his Ex by correcting her apology letter

We all know that break-ups are very bad and upsetting. They get worse when your ex-girlfriend tries to patch up again. We are sure most of you might have gone though this phase once in your life. One day you break-up then you spend maybe a month or two to get over with it and then she appears from nowhere and tries to cling on to you again.

A similar incident happened with someone named Nick Lutz whose ex in hope of getting him back, chose the old school way of writing a letter and end up with a four-page long apology letter reminding him of the days when they were together. In this situation many will call this romantic and will surely accept it with pride, but this guy chose to troll her in a badass way.

Nick had the most savage reaction to it and compelled us to bow down to him. He turned the tables on her by correcting the whole letter with a red pen and even gave her grades at the end. We hope he gave her some extra points for her handwriting though.

Instead of accepting it and falling prey to her tactics. He controlled himself and gave her back what she deserved in the cruelest way possible and since then, he won the internet's heart and this can be seen by the number of retweets and likes. The best part was his attitude and it was like some serious teacher checking the article and writing remarks wherever required along with explanation to her mistakes.

While some appreciated this move and found it witty but on the other hand there were many who found this gesture of him as cruel and bad. Well, at least the ex-girlfriend did Nick some good, don’t you think? Here’s the entire conversation.
Check out some comments on his tweets.

He is the happiest and luckiest person after break-up. God! help her ex too.

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This man savagely trolled his ex by correcting and grading the apology letter written by her.