iPhone 6+ exploded in owner's hand!

A repair shop claims that an iPhone exploded in customer's hands. Simon Owen from Australia shared the CCTV footage of the incident showing the smoke coming out from the an iPhone 6 plus. This happened in the moments after the customer walked in the repair shop in Queensland.

iphone 6+ exploded

According to Mr. Owen the battery failed and exploded. The footage shows the customer pressing the thumbs down on the iPhone, which already has a cracked screen before the smoke filled up the room.

As stated by the spokesperson of the shop, "A customer came into the store with screen damaged iPhone 6+ for repair. He wanted to repair a broken screen and complained about the battery not charging up."

"We removed the Otter case and prepared to book the phone in.

"Then the customer applied the regular pressure to the screen, the same as a normal person would do every day during the regular use."

"The battery exploded. Initial force made the screen to pop out"

According to Mr. Owen it is pure 100 pre cent pure coincidence that it happened when he was talking to the repairer. Apple has looked into the case of iPhone catching a fire when the video went viral. Last year Apple blamed "external physical damage" after reports of iPhone catching fire in China.

Last year the same happened with Galaxy Note 7 and they initiated the global recall affecting the millions of devices, after the fault with the battery caused it to explode.

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